Lorain County Wireless Operators
Lorain County Wireless Full Time Operators
Operator: Jason Pecora
Call: KB8O
License class: Extra
Licensed: 2004
Age: 42
QTH: Elyria, Ohio EN81wi

Jason has had a VHF / UHF / SHF contest station on the air for many years. He has recently geared more towards HF DXing. He prefers CW over any mode but you can find him in the phone portion of the bands also. Jason is very active in HF contesting and also local amateur communications in his county.

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Operator: Jeff Evans
Call: KB8ZUN & WPXL235
License class: General
Licensed: 1994
Age: 47
QTH: North Ridgeville, Ohio EN81xj

Jeff maintains a station consisting of HF / VHF / UHF / SHF / APRS & D-STAR equipment. When he is not chasing DX or contesting he can be found on D-STAR. Special intersterests include Ecomms, severe weather, traffic nets, HF digital modes and the development of the D-STAR infrastructure of Ohio. Jeff is the founder of the Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group holding one of six Directors positions. He founded the Ohio Wide D-STAR Net and continues as Net Manager. Jeff has held a variety of positions within Ohio including Assistant Section Manager and Emergency Coordinator.
Operator: Keith Cook
Call: KD8GXL
Licenses class: General
Licensed: 2007
Age: 56
QTH: Elyria, Ohio EN81wi

Keith is still getting his feet wet in the amateur service. He can be found most nights on the local traffic net. He is a member and net control for the Burning River Traffic Net (BRTN) as well as a member of the Ohio Single Side Band Net (OSSBN). He is also a net control
for the Ohio Wide Area D-Star Sunday evening net. His focus until now has been ECOMS but he is moving into the HF realm. Keith is a past president of the LCARA and the current secretary of the Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group (NODIG).
Operator: Ron Pecora Jr.
Call: N8MPF
License class: General
Licensed: 1990
Age: 47
QTH: Rocky River, Ohio EN91bl

Ron has been active on the amateur bands from various locations around the U.S. including portable operations from such places as Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the Lake Erie Islands. Over Ron's 20 years of being licensed he has 16 years of participation on a two-man Field Day team that operates in the highly competitive 2B QRP battery class. He has also been a member of VHF / UHF contesting teams. Ron operates Phone, CW, and Digital modes and enjoys portable QRP operations. He mostly enjoys working with electronics and building interesting antenna projects. Ron is an active member in ARES in his area.
Lorain County Wireless Visiting Operators
Operator: Tom Somsak
Call: N8EFO
License class: Extra
Licensed: 1981
Age: 51
QTH: Wellington, Ohio EN81vd

Originally licensed as Novice, KA8LTQ, Tom has been a CW enthusiast for his entire amateur radio tenure. QRP-portable, using minimalist gear is of particular interest to him. He became N8EFO in the late 80s, having passed the General Class & 13 WPM tests at the nearest FCC testing facility in Detroit, as was the practice at that time. His contesting efforts have been mainly focused on Field Day, enjoying a 16-year run in the 2B, Battery class. Related hobbies include collecting & repairing Heathkit equipment and other tube-type gear.
Operator: Doug Dever
Call: AB8M
License class: Extra
Licensed: 1992
Age: 42
QTH: North Royalton, Ohio. EN91dh

Doug was originally licensed as N8VUR, in the great no-code influx of amateur radio operators in the early 1990's. He spent the majority of his time in Amateur Radio playing above 50MHz, until taking the plunge in April 2011 and upgrading. Since then, Doug has had a renewed interest in Amateur Radio. While extremely limited in his ability to get an antenna on the air due to HOA restrictions, he has spent a good deal of time operating QRP on the digital modes. Doug also doesn't mind the strange looks he gets loading up the vehicle as a rover for VHF/UHF contests. Doug is also chief of Northeast Ohio Medical Response Corps, a non-profit EMS agency that provides volunteer first responder services for community events and fundraisers and uses amateur radio extensively.
Operator: Matt Lugas​
Call: KD8VTX
License Class: General
Licensed: 2003
Age: 38
QTH: Elyria, Ohio EN81xj

Matt got into amateur radio with interests in VHF/UHF for local communications, severe weather nets, emergency communications and the technical aspects of radio. He took interest in the National Traffic System through the local 2m traffic net and became active on the net as well as taking on net control duties. With his Technician license privileges, Matt got a mobile 10m SSB mobile at his QTH to explore HF and got very interested in HF which led to a General license and a multi band HF radio about six months after the Technician ticket. He is currently active on VHF/UHF and HF looking for DX or on traffic nets.
Operator: Tim Allen
Call: NC8X
License class: Extra
Licensed: 1995
Age: 52
QTH: Elyria, Ohio EN81wj

I enjoy Most aspects of Ham Radio , most of my time is spent on HF chasing DX. Occasionally you will find me on VHF/UHF simplex or on the local repeaters. If the bands are really bad you may find me working some of the digital modes PSK31 , RTTY , SSTV digital and analog . I also enjoy tinkering with and building antennas.
73 and hope to catch you on the air waves.
Operator: Tom Tillack
Call: NQ8O
License Class: Extra
Licensed: 1985
Age: 50
QTH: Elyria, Ohio EN81wk

Tom has had an interest in radio since he was a kid. He modified an old RCA Victor clock radio to pick up the 31 meter broadcast band, was given a CB radio by his Dad, and was hooked. He was originally licensed in 1985 as N8HAC but never made any contacts as a general class (not even VHF/UHF) because he couldn't live with the idea of frequency limitations. He tested through extra class a month and a half later, received call sign NQ8O, which he intends to take to his grave. He has primarily been an HF operator, mainly chasing DX and ragchewing. In 2016 he discovered contesting, where has been getting progressively more active. He is a big fan of the WPX contests because he is always a multiplier. He does CW, SSB, and has recently been getting more active in the digital modes.
Operator: Tim Lovejoy
Call: NC8OS
License Class: Extra
Licensed: 1990
Age: 51
QTH: Elyria, Ohio EN81wi

Tim has enjoyed many aspects of the ham radio hobby. Tim has always been known to be very involved in weather related activities in the county as well as a dedicated Lorain county skywarn member and net control. Tim has a shack that consist of HF and VHF/UHF gear both analog and digital. Tim enjoys new tasks in the hobby that involve PC and radio related projects.

Operator: Jon Anhold
Call: KM8V
License Class: Extra
Licensed: 1992
Age: 44
QTH: Fairview Park, Ohio EN91bk

Jon was originally licensed as N8USK in high school and upgraded from no-code Technician to Extra at the Dayton Hamvention in 2003. Immediately after passing the exams he bought his first HF rig, a Kenwood TS-440SAT in the flea market. A computer nerd by trade, Jon has been using Linux since 1992 and enjoys playing with a variety of digital modes and toys, but hates computers and especially printers. Jon has been a Director of the Hamfest Association of Cleveland for almost 20 years, and you can find him at the vendor gate at the annual Cleveland Hamfest each September. Jon also served as President of the South Shore Amateur Radio Club for many years. When not spending time with his four harmonics, you can find him on FT8, working RTTY contests at KB8O, enjoying a beverage at the NW8S Field Day, listening to the police scanner, or working at Net Control for the MS150 Buckeye Breakaway Bike Tour which he has been assisting with in a variety of capacities since 1992.