Lorain County Wireless Operators
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5/28/2018 LCWO will be hosting FD again this year as 5A in Ohio. We will be operating from our normal location at 6217 Elyria Ave, Elyria Township.

6/1/2017 LCWO will once again be running as a 5A in the ARRL Field Day event. Our location this year is the same as last at 6217 Elyria Ave in Elyria township.

6/13/2016 LCWO will again hold Field Day at our Elyria Township location, 6217 Elyria ave . We hope everyone has a safe and fun FD !

6/13/2016 We are pleased to announce that LCWO will be using "HF Wire Antennas" during our FD efforts, check our their site at the bottom of our main page !

6/25/2015 LCWO will be setting up field day at our secondary site 6217 Elyria Ave. With weather in the forecast it has pushed us into our current site and hope to still work everyone on the bands!

6/28/2014 LCWO had a very successful FD this year with improved antennas and increased QSO's this year, thanks to all we contacted.

2/15/2014 first 2014 meeting for LCWO that included FD and Lighthouse plans.

12/20/2013 LCWO has started plans for this years FD and Lighthouse event.

10/5/2013 LCWO has sent out a large batch of QSL cards, thanks to everyone for the the great cards we received !

8/22/2013 LCWO would like to thank all the operators that participated in the light house event, as well as all the Lorain harbor light board members .QSL cards will be sent out in the next month.

8/16/2013 LCWO is heading to the dock and hopes to work everyone from Lorain Harbor Light.

6/10/2013 LCWO is pleased to announce that we will be operating a 5A station from Lorain County , Ohio this year. We hope to work you on the bands and have a safe and enjoyable Field Day!

5/13/2013 LCWO has started to plan out this years Lorain Harbor Light event.

2/15/2013 Thanks to all that QSLed. All QSL cards have been sent out via USPS. We hope everyone enjoys the special event cards.

10/22/2012 The QSL cards have arrived and we plans to get these cards back out to those who have sent them... If you didn't SASE no worries this time around you will receive one.

10/14/2012 LCWO has confirmed LoTW and Eqsl both have been uploaded for the ILLW and the 2012 NAQP.

9/6/2012 We have a final draft on the QSL cards and thanks to Randy for his help in printing these special cards.

8/19/2012 LCWO operators were removed from the Lorain Harbor Light safely this afternoon. We plan to get LoTW up this week and QSL cards to follow.

8/3/2012 LCWO is pleased to announce that we will be running a four man team for the ILLW from the Lorain Harbor Light US0143 and also a DX team for the NAQP SSB contest from 8/17 till 8/19.

7/29/2012 LCWO is working hard to compile a team of operators to work both the ILLW and the NAQP SSB contest.

7/13/2012 LCWO has a confirmation on it's first special event from the Lorain Harbor Light.

6/20/2012 LCWO has a couple special events on schedule, check the events page for more information as it becomes available.

6/20/2012 LCWO Operators page is up to date!

6/13/2012 Pages are being added to the web site as time permits.

6/11/2012 LCWO launches the beginning of the main web site.

6/9/2012 At a local meeting in North Ridgeville, Lorain County Wireless Operators is formed, with four core members and several part time operators.