FIELD DAY 2018: LCWO will again host FD at 6217 Elyria Ave, Elyria, Ohio. Hope to see everyone there !

FIELD DAY 2017: we are please to announce once again that LCWO will be running in the ARRL Field Day event as a 5A. Our location this year will be the same as last year at 6217 Elyria Ave in Elyria township.

FIELD DAY 2016 :
LCWO is pleased to announce that we will be joining the Field Day efforts this year as 5A from our site at 6217 Elyria Ave in Elyria Township , Ohio, We wish everyone a safe and successful field day ....

August 14th starting at 00:01 Zulu for 48 hours. LCWO will be operating for the ILLW International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend. The three man team will depart Lorain Sailing Club marina by boat for lighthouse number US0143 USA-453 at 2pm Friday afternoon. The team will leave with enough gear to operate from 80 through 10m with four stations on the air. The team plans to operate on all bands and all modes including SSB, CW, and digital modes. The team plans to set up antennas Friday afternoon to be on the air for event start. They will use the club call NW8S and will have operators on the air around the clock. Local operators can coordinate HF on the simplex frequency of 146.505 which they will be monitoring during certain time slots of the event. They also plan to engage in local simplex on 2M FM, and local analog machines as well. The team will have enough supplies to last for 3 days at the lighthouse and plan to depart Sunday afternoon. This will mark the second time an amateur radio station has ever operated from the lighthouse and the second time in decades that the structure will be occupied overnight. Our team of operators would like to mention that this event, under certain weather conditions, could be very hazardous and set up times could be delayed pending weather.

Frequencies posted are subject to change with QRM and the NAQP .
FM - 146.505
10M - 28.350 / 28.050 / 28.120
12M - 24.940 / 24.900 ILLW during NAQP
15M - 21.350 / 21.050 / 21.070
17M - 18.150 / 18.080 ILLW during NAQP
20M - 14.275 / 14.050 / 14.070
40M - 7.210 / 7.050 / 7.070
80M - 3.810 / 3.550 / 3.580

ILLW website http://illw.net
Lorain Lighthouse Foundation Inc. http://www.lorainlighthouse.com

North America QSO Party SSB, August 15th 1800 Zulu till August 16th 0600 Zulu. LCWO will join in on the NAQP efforts from the Lorain Harbor Light US0143. The team plans to have two operators on the air for the QSO party. They plan to operate on all bands and hope to hear you there !
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