Lorain County Wireless Operators
Lorain County Wireless Operators
Lorain County Wireless Operators was created in an effort to advance amateur radio in the Great Lakes and surrounding areas. LCWO was formed by four core individuals who operate on a full time basis wanting to make a difference. You can view the full time and guest operators on our "operators" link at the top of this page. The operators focus their on the air time in unique areas bringing the public's attention to amateur radio around the Great Lakes by operating special events stations and also contesting as well as supporting the area's radio clubs & public service groups. Upcoming events and news about our operations can be found on this site's news tab. Our club's call, NW8S, supports LOTW, eQSL and also direct QSL during all events. LCWO has a D-STAR repeater on the air in the downtown Lorain Ohio area that is complimented with a reflector.

We hope that our efforts to further amateur communications will inspire others to become licensed or more active in a hobby that can be very rewarding and satisfying. Regardless if its talking across town on a local repeater, providing relief communications after a natural disaster or making a new friend in a far away country using Morse Code or a cutting edge mode yet invented there is something for everyone.
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